What Role Does a Bail Bond Company Play?

If you’re accused of a crime and got arrested, there are at least four ways to get the police to release you from jail. First, you pay the bail that the court required in full. Second, you can put up a valuable property, like the deed of your house, as collateral. Third, you may call a bail bond company to help you out. Fourth, you may appeal to the judge to let you appear on the next trial date on own recognizance.  

While the easiest way to go about this is to pay the bail yourself, judges make it stiffer for criminals to pay bail because they want them to understand the gravity of their offense and think about it inside the jail. Given that fact, a lot of defendants can’t possibly raise their full amount of bail. That’s why a majority of them turn to a bail bond company for help.  

How Can a Bail Bond Company Help You? 

If you’re accused and you need the assistance of a bail bondsman, then you have to agree to their terms when it comes to paying the cost of the bail. The bail bond company will guarantee that they’ll pay the full amount required by the court in case you fail to come to your own trial.  

When contacting a bail bond company, be ready with important information such as the name of the accused and his booking number, along with the name of the jail or the exact location where he is held in custody. But more importantly, the bail bond company would like to know how much bail the court asks for. It’s how they determine the amount that the accused have to pay them to help them get out of jail.  

The Process Followed By Bail Bondsmen  

Contacting a bail bond agent doesn’t make all your problems go away in an instant. Everything from then on will have to follow a process. The first phase, of course, is discussing the payment options with the bail bond agent.  

Once you have determined how to pay that amount of money to the agent and everything has been written off and signed, they will issue a surety bond to the court. The moment that’s done, they will release the accused. However, along with comes the guarantee that the defendant won’t miss a day in court. Otherwise, penalties will be incurred.  

If the defendant skipped bail, then whatever money posted will be forfeited or surrendered, whatever is applicable. At this point, the bail bond company is given the authority to find the defendant and bring him back to court. If there are any properties used as collateral for the bond, it will be frozen and pulled by the bail bond company.  

How to Find the Right Bail Bond Company 

If you want the bail process to be as seamless and painless as possible, it is important to hire reputable bail agents. Finding the right one may not be easy these days but you may always visit https://www.idahofallsbailbond.com/ in case you, a family member, or a friend needs to post a bail bond in the Idaho Falls area. 

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